Motorsport 101 Course

Our Motorsport 101 course is for Chix who are starting out on their motorsport journey, who haven’t participated in any track days or have only participated in one or two track days.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of participating in motorsport from a theory and practical perspective. Motorsport 101 takes place on a wet skid pan where they will learn the capability and limits of their car and will learn advanced driving techniques for whilst they’re on track.

All you need to get started is a roadworthy car and you can get started using your daily drive. You don’t even need a helmet! 

Race Chix® Race School courses are designed for Chix to bring their own car to the track to learn the capabilities and limitations of their own car. 

Upon completion of Motorsport 101, Chix will be able to participate in track days with confidence and event readiness.

Course outcomes

  • Chix will be able to enter track days with confidence and event readiness.
  • Connection with fellow Race Chix®


6.5 hours


For 16 years & over

(If under 16  and driver has their Motorsport Australia or AASA licence, please contact us )


Due to track hire price variations, course prices will vary between states.  Course prices will be advertised when registration’s for each state open.

Course Details


  • Levels and pathways of circuit events/racing
  • Motorsport jargon
  • Apparel requirements
  • Flags
  • Car preparation and maintenance
    • Tyres
    • Fluids & oils
    • Brakes
  • Insurance
  • Nutrition
  • Required track bag/kit items

Practical – carried out on a wet skidpan

  • Braking techniques
    • Straight line braking
    • Threshold braking
    • Heel-toe
  • Cornering
    • Vision
    • Throttle control
    • Gear selection
  • Car control – with and without electronic aids
    • Oversteer
    • Understeer
    • Throttle steer
  • Fun!
    • We will end the course with a slalom shootout putting together everything you’ve learnt on braking, cornering and car control

Race Chix Race School is for any woman interested in cars, not just racing them. The advantage of doing driver training in your own car is amazing, as you get to learn how to handle your own car better. I consider myself somewhat of a great driver, always fast and invincible to some extent, but the course taught me so much about things I thought I already knew – and guess what – I did it in a Range Rover!! You don’t need a “race car” or hotted up street car, you can just do it in your daily driver, and definitely not feel judged. Highly recommended for all women of all driving abilities.

Jodie, Range Rover Evoque

I had such a fantastic experience at Motorsport 101. I came into the course wanting to prepare myself for a track day and I got so much more! It was amazing to meet Chix with the same motorsport passion and the practical driving was so much fun! If you want a non-judgemental, safe place to better your driving and get to know other gals then this it the place for you.

Laura, Ford Mustang GT

Do you love cars? Have you got the need for speed but don’t want to lose your license on the streets? Then do I know the course for you… The Motorsport 101 Course provides you with everything you need to know to start your car racing journey. After taking the course, I feel much more confident controlling my car and signing up for track day events. Not only do you get to Tokyo Drift on the skid pan in your own car but you also learn the behind the scenes theory work most people don’t know when wanting to get into motorsport. I can’t recommend this course enough… My family and friends are sick of me talking about it!

Julia, Ford Focus RS

Race Chix® Race School is proudly sponsored by the Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC)