Motorsport 103 Course

Motorsport 103 course is for Chix who have been competing in Supersprints or Regularity and would like to move into competing in door-to-door circuit racing events.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of competing in door-to-door racing such as Sport Sedans or Improved Production from a theory and practical perspective.

Race Chix Race School courses are designed for Chix to bring their own car to the track, however cars are available for hire (car hire is not available in all states). 

Upon completion of Motorsport 103 Chix will be able to enter door-to-door circuit racing events with confidence and event readiness.


For Chix crossing over from karts to cars, participants need to have completed Motorsport 102 prior to completing Motorsport 103

Course outcomes

  • Participants are able to enter door-to-door race events with confidence and event readiness.
  • Connection with fellow Race Chix®
  • OLT


2 days


18 & over

(All drivers must have a minimum of a P1 (Red P-Plate) Licence)


Due to track hire price variations, course prices will vary between states.  Course prices will be advertised when registration’s for each state open.

Course Details


  • Racing category options
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and wheel alignment
  • Fluids and oils
  • Apparel requirements
  • Roll cages
  • Motorsport as a business
    • Financials – racing budget
    • Sponsorship
    • Media training
    • Social media
    • Branding
    • PR
  • Sports nutrition and fitness
  • Sport psychology


  • Track walk
  • Grip levels
  • Data analysis
  • Race starts
  • Advanced driver training
  • Passing/overtaking & how to position the car
  • Blocking
  • Applying pressure
  • Using your mirrors
  • Observed Licence Test (OLT)

Race Chix® Race School is proudly supported by

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