Race Chix® takes a holistic approach to increasing female participation in motorsport, from a grassroots level up. Our initiatives include Race Chix® Apparel, Race Chix® Community, Race Chix® Events, Race Chix® Motorsport and Race Chix® Race School.

Race Chix

Individually we are part of the collective that is women in motorsport. No matter our motorsport genre or our level of involvement. By connecting, supporting and collaborating as a collective we can challenge stereotypes and broaden perceptions that motorsport is a male dominant sport.

Race Chix® Apparel

Our Race Chix® apparel range has been designed to help build and support the Race Chix® community.

From car stickers, to caps, to t-shirts you can display and be proud of being a Race Chic.

We also have a range of mens motorsport t-shirts.

Race Chix® Community

Our unique Race Chix® Networking Community comprises of hundreds of Race Chix® from all motorsport genres in an encouraging and fun dedicated Facebook group.

The Race Chix Networking Community is a supportive platform which enables Race Chix to connect, share their motorsport journey, share achievements, ask questions, learn from each other & most importantly have a laugh with fellow Race Chix.

We also have a Junior Race Chix Facebook group which is an initiative designed as a national platform for parents, family members etc who are keen to help their little Race Chic get started on their motorsport journey.

Race Chix® Events

Race Chix® hosts national networking events for Chix involved in all genres of motorsport. A place where Race Chix can meet fellow Race Chix, no matter the motorsport genre or their level of involvement.

Race Chix® Motorsport

As part of our holistic approach to increase female participation in motorsport, we have put together some information on how to get started as a motorsport official, covering all motorsport genres across Australia including bikes, speedway, car racing, drag racing and karting; and we also have a Race Chix Karting Team! 

Race Chix Karting Team

Race Chix® Race School

Race Chix® Race School is a national motorsport training school created by Chix for Chix.

We offer three levels of courses – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The courses are designed to build confidence, connect participants with fellow Race Chix® and to also provide a skill development pathway.

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