2022 Race Chix Karting Team

Race Chix Karting Team

The mission of the Race Chix Karting Team is to help and encourage more women into karting. Race Chix has partnered with Andrew Starkey Racing who provides our karts, training and technical support for the team, with the Race Chix team being one of six karts in the ASR stable. Being part of a bigger karting team provides great camaraderie and support from fellow karters in the ASR family.

In 2021 the Race Chix Karting Team travelled around NSW competing in the The Endurance Karting Association (TEKA) Championship, with drivers drivers from NSW, ACT & VIC. In 2022 the team are again travelling around NSW but this year is competing in the 4 Stroke Karting Association (4SKA) Championship.

The team will be holding another Come & Try Day in the second half of 2022, if you would like to enquire about joining the Race Chix Karting Team next year please email [email protected]

Please note the minimum age to join the Race Chix Karting Team is 16 due to the team competing in endurance events.

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