About Us

Helping to increase female participation in all genres of motorsport

After successfully creating and running a motorsport development program for women for the past four years, Rachelle Stirling realised the importance community and the sisterhood plays in increasing female participation in motorsport. Being able to connect with fellow Race Chix® across different motorsport genres also became apparent during this period as numerous program participants were curious and asking questions about trying different motorsport disciplines.

A motorsport competitor herself, Rachelle competes in circuit and hillclimb events in her beloved ‘hers not his’ GC8, which is affectionately known as Giggles. Rachelle is also a Motorsport Australia official and in September 2019 she officiated at the Monza F1 in Italy (whilst on her honeymoon!).

Rachelle is on the Board of Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC), that powers Sydney Motorsport Park, is a past Board Member ofKarting (New South Wales), and a past member of the Women of Australian Motorsport (WAMS) Committee. 

Our aim at Race Chix® Motorsport is to connect and inspire women and girls involved in all genres of motorsport across Australia.

Individually we are part of the collective that is women in motorsport, no matter our motorsport genre or our level of involvement. By connecting, supporting and collaborating as a collective we can challenge stereotypes and broaden perceptions that motorsport is a male dominated sport.

Our Mission

Race Chix® Motorsport’s mission is to create a national network of Race Chix® across all genres of motorsport. Through this network we will help connect, educate and inspire Chix who are either competitors, enthusiasts, officials or supporters to help grow female participation numbers in motorsport.

Our Vision

Our vision at Race Chix® Motorsport is to have all Race Chix® involved in all genres of motorsport in Australia connected and to see female participation numbers increase to fifty percent across the board.

Our Values

The values of Race Chix® Motorsport are at the core of how we do business. We’re apolitical and collaborative – we need to be able to work with all stakeholders to achieve our mission and vision. We’re passionate, knowledgeable and respectful. We also welcome all levels of involvement across all motorsport genres in our networking community.