Race Chix® Community

Race Chix Motorsport’s mission is to help increase female participation across all motorsport genres across Australia. How are we doing this? We’re taking a holistic approach to the cause by building a supportive communities for women and girls, designing a stylish apparel range so Race Chix can proudly display that they’re a Race Chic, we host networking and education events, we have a Race School and we also have a karting team!

With women in motorsport being the minority, it’s important we have a supportive community on hand to help them on their motorsport journey, no matter their level of involvement or motorsport genre.

Race Chix Networking Community

Our unique Race Chix Networking Community comprises of over 700 Race Chix from all motorsport genres and levels of inolvement, from across Australia, in an encouraging and fun dedicated Facebook group.

The Race Chix Networking Community is safe place for Race Chix to connect, thrive and most importantly have a laugh with fellow Race Chix.

No matter your level of involvement or motorsport genre, all Race Chix are welcome to join our FREE national networking community. 

Race Chix

Junior Race Chix Community

Junior Race Chix

We receive a lot of requests from Dad’s and Uncles asking for assistance in getting their little Race Chic started in motorsport. Whilst our Race Chix Networking Community Facebook group is just for the Chix so they have a safe space to ask whatever motorsport related questions they like and not feel judged, our new Junior Race Chix Facebook group is open to anyone and everyone (yes that includes the fellas) who would like help and support for their junior Race Chic.

Our Junior Race Chix Facebook group is an initiative designed as a national platform for parents, family members etc who are keen to help their little Race Chic get started on their motorsport journey.

We encourage anyone who is part of a club that caters for juniors, be it cars, karts, bikes or boats, that is able to offer assistance to join the group.