Our Past Events

Live Q&A on Injury Prevention & the Importance of Recovery

On 15 October we hosted a Live Q&A session with Sarah Higgs from Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go. In this session Sarah gave some tips for injury prevention, warm ups and recovery. Sarah also discussed the importance of mobility work and how it translates to performance.

Sarah Higgs is not your average physio! Her business was created on pure passion for physiotherapy, helping others achieve their best in life and her love for motorsport.

Live Q&A on Nutrition

On 24 September we hosted a Live Q&A with Kaz Plum from Performance+Nutrition & Training, which discussed how to reduce your lap times without spending any money on your car, bike or kart!

Kaz is currently Coach to Zane Goddard from Matt Stone Racing and has also worked with New Zealand racecar driver  Alexandra Whitley.

Live Q&A on Sponsorship

On 3 September 2020 we held a Live Q&A with Belinda Riseley from MotiV8 Training & Management which discussed how to gain & maintain sponsors without resorting to bikinis on bonnet calendars!

Belinda was born and bred into motorsport thanks to her father who was a driver, kart importer and dealer. Belinda started her career as a physical trainer and now coaches beginner to amateur motorsport athletes, race teams and race categories.

Virtual Networking Lunch

In August 2020 we hosted a women in motorsport Virtual Networking Lunch, which featured guest Race Chix speakers from across various motorsport officiating roles.

To hear what our amazing guest speakers had to say head to our Officiating tab. 

Brisbane Networking Lunch

In March 2020 we had a great afternoon celebrating International Women’s Day in Brisbane with fellow Race Chix across karting, rallying, bikes, circuit racing & motorsport enthusiasts.

The 2020 IWD theme was Each for Equal which is about Collective Individualism. We are all parts of a whole, with our individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets having an impact on our larger society. And that’s what Race Chix is all about – individually we are part of the collective that is women in motorsport, no matter our motorsport genre or our level of involvement.

By connecting, supporting & collaborating as a collective we can challenge stereotypes, fight bias & broaden perceptions that motorsport is a male dominated sport.

Our pledge & call to action was to connect with fellow Race Chix across genres & support each other’s journey.

Sydney Women in Motorsport Networking Lunch

In February 2020 we held our first Sydney women in motorsport networking lunch to celebrate the start of the 2020 Supercars season. It was great to meet some new faces and talk all things motorsport for a few hours.

Race Chix at the Flix

In November 2019 we held our first women in motorsport networking event with a Race Chix at the Flix night at Blacktown’s Drive-In in Sydney. We booked out the open air gold grass area, kicked back in the deck chairs and enjoyed Ford vs Ferrari with our popcorn and hotdogs.