Our Founder

Rachelle Stirling

After successfully creating and running the Women’s Motorsport Development Program for the past four years, Rachelle realised the importance community and the sisterhood plays in increasing female participation in motorsport. Being able to connect with fellow race chix across different motorsport genres also became apparent as numerous program participants were curious about trying different motorsport disciplines.

Rachelle is on the Board of Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC), that powers Sydney Motorsport Park and Karting (New South Wales) Inc, which is the state sporting organisation for the sport of karting in New South Wales.

Rachelle competes in circuit and hillclimb events in her beloved ‘hers not his’ GC8 which is affectionately known as Giggles.

The only thing that Rachelle loves more than competing in Giggles and talking all things motorsport (all day), is meeting and connecting fellow race chix that also love their motorpsport.

Rachelle is also a Motorsport Australia official and in September 2019 she officiated at the Monza F1 in Italy (whilst on her honeymoon!).

Rachelle’s vision for Race Chix is a connected sisterhood of Race Chix, not just within their own motorsport genre, but as a connected sisterhood across our motorsport industry as a whole.

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